Do you want to sell house fast to stop bankruptcy? Bankruptcy is a major decision, and it is extremely important that is the best decision for you. Often people feel bankruptcy is their last resort to stop their foreclosure and that everything will work out at the end. The truth is filing bankruptcy does NOT end or stop foreclosures. Although it can temporarily stop foreclosure, most of the time it just delays the inevitability of foreclosure. Bankruptcy also leads to higher legal fees and various costs.

Additionally, bankruptcy creates a permanent, negative score on your credit even years after filing. This will have a significant impact on your financial recovery, making it tough in the future.

Unfortunately, buying more time does not necessarily mean that problems will be resolved in the end. It is important, to be honest, and realistic with yourself about how you will be able to make the required payments to keep your home. In our experience, bankruptcy does make sense for certain situation. However, there are other options, and it is best that these options are explored before filing for bankruptcy. Most bankruptcy attorneys will tell you that filing for bankruptcy is your best choice. However, we have found that many times this was actually not the case. Make sure you thoroughly investigate all your possibilities, and we will be more than happy to discuss alternative solutions to prevent you from unnecessarily filing.

In the event you have ready filed bankruptcy, defaulted and are now in danger of foreclosing on your home, there may still be hope. We can work with the bankruptcy courts and trustees therein to provide an alternative solution so that you don’t lose your home to a sheriff sale.

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