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We eliminate the middle person (real estate agents, inspectors, banks, etc.) and simply pay cash. By doing this we make it easier. We can truly make selling your house as easy as 

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Cash For Your House. Here’s How…

Joseph Zoppi managing partner of Templar Real Estate Enterprises

Sell Your House The Easy Way

Hi there I’m Joseph Zoppi, and I am the Managing Partner here at Templar Real Estate Enterprises.  Below is the entire process for getting your no-obligation all-cash offer.  It’s all free so don’t worry there is no cost involved and no obligation to accept our offer. If you rather talk to a live person, call us at our direct line: 973-240-8593.

I cannot compliment Templar Real Estate enough. Both Angie & Joe have displayed integrity,compassion,caring and complete honesty in the purchase of my home.

— Colleen McGuinness

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It Is As Easy As 

This will explain the steps involved and exactly what goes on behind the scenes

To sell your home fast for cash in New Jersey, we encourage you to educate yourself before you decide what your best options are. 

What follows is a detailed explanation of how the entire house buying process works from beginning to end. Please read through article to gain a better understanding on the topic. 

Cash For Your House. The Process and Details…

Selling Your House Can Be A Stressful Task

… especially when you need to sell it fast. By selling your house for cash, you can drastically speed things up. This guide will step you through the entire process of selling your house for cash to a cash home buyer from beginning to end.

What Is A Cash Home Buyer?

A cash home buyer is any person, company or entity, capable of buying your house in cash without the need of receiving funds from lenders, banks, other 3rd party financial institutions. Because the purchaser is providing their own money, they are not required to get approvals before buying the house. This drastically speeds up the transaction.

1. Find A House Cash Buyer.

The most common method for finding cash home buyers is by doing a Google search for: “We Buy Houses in [yourCity] [yourState]“, “Cash For My House In [yourCity] [yourState] , or “Sell My House Fast [yourCity] [yourState] , and choosing the top-ranking results.

2. Do Your Due Diligence.

Not all cash home buyers are the same. The offer amount and the method used to determine your offer often differs significantly. For this reason you should review their website and their “How It Works” Page, their “About Us” Page and/or “Our Company” Page, and make sure there are credible reviews from real people that sold their house to them. What you are looking for is transparency, a neat, clean and professional website, clear explanations, and professionalism. The website is a direct reflection on who they are and their business. If a business owner doesn’t take personal pride in their website they don’t take pride in their business and may not be the best choice to do business with. Another factor is the organizations they belong to, this is extremely important. The Better Business Bureau is on such organization.

3. Submit Your Information.

Once you find a reputable house buyer, it is time to get your cash offer started by submitting your information. The information needed from you is 1) a reliable way to contact you (usually a phone number or email address), 2) your address and 3) certain details on the current condition of the house and repairs that are needed, if any.

4. Schedule Your Appointment.

Once the information is received, an appointment can be scheduled where you can meet the buyer and both walk through the property. You can ask them any questions you may have and by the end of the walkthrough your offer is presented and discussed. It is important to note there should never be any costs associated for these services and there should be no obligation to accept the offer. Most reputable property buyers understand that this is a critical time in your life and you have a big decision to make so more often than not, they should respect the need to think it over.

5. Schedule Your Closing Date. Get Your Cash!

If a satisfactory offer is presented, you can set a date for closing. During closing you will get the agreed up cash and that’s it. You have sold your house for cash to a cash buyer, that it! Usually the cash buyer that will pay for all closing costs, making sure the transaction is as attractive as possible to you, the seller.

And That’s It!

Martin, customer of Templar Real Estate Enterprises

Another Happy Customer!

Martin loved our offer, and so will you!

Ready For Your Offer? It is 100% Free, without any obligation to accept. You have nothing to lose!

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Better business bureau A+ rating

“Templarcashforhouses.com is the most respected company when you want to sell your home fast, easy and fair.. You are always treated with respect as a human being, not a business transaction. Joe and his team were fantastic professionals You’re never left feeling lost, uncomfortable, or alone.”

— Natalie Stiner

So You Want To Sell Your House Fast For Cash!

… And Want A Great Offer!

“We Buy Houses” companies often try to give you the lowest possible offer. This doesn’t make any sense to us. We spend time and effort working with you and the home analysis so we can get you cash for your home in NJ. We spend time and money driving to properties throughout New Jersey all the way from Cape May up to the Northern most part of the state. All these services are 100% FREE to you! No one will accept a low offer and we would have spent so much time, money and effort for nothing.

How We Make Our Offers To Buy Your NJ Home

It’s In Both of Our Best Interest To Give You Our Highest Possible Offer.

Templar Real Estate Enterprises is in business by getting offers accepted, and the only way to do that is to give offers that you will be happy with! We do our best to give you the highest possible offer. Now you know why we have such great reviews! 🙂

Our Offers Are Based On Your Home’s “After Repair Value”!

This means, we look at what the value of your home would be after it was completely fixed up. Based on this value we will determine your offer!

This is how!

  • If you had a house that you want to sell…
  • Now, if your neighbor has the same exact house as yours except for a few upgrades they made… like granite countertops, walls without wallpaper, a fresh coat of paint, a new roof , and some hardwood floors.
  • Now lets say your neighbor sold sold their house for $350,000.

Now We Know…

That if we that if we buy your house and make the same upgrades and bringing the house to a comparable condition as your neighbor’s house, we would also be able to sell it for $350,000.


We know the market value of your house fixed up (in this case $350,000), and we know the approximate cost of repairs/upgrades. We can provide you with an offer that works for us. If this offer also works for you, excellent! We close on your house and you get your money! We make offers based on the market numbers, not based on how desperate you may or may not be to sell your house. 

The Offer:

We value honesty and transparency and show you below how we determine our offers.

Your Offer = (After Repair Value) – (Cost Of Repairs) – (Our Selling Costs) – (Our Profit)

To understand this we need to define some terms.

After Repair Value (ARV): This is the market value of your house AFTER we buy and renovate the house.

Cost Of Repairs (COR): This is the cost fixing and updating your house AFTER we purchase it.

Our Selling Costs: Even though we buy houses without using real estate agents, we still have to use an agent to sell your house again AFTER we have purchased it and fixed it up. We have to pay real estate agent fees, closing costs, taxes, holding costs etc. These are all the fees you do NOT have to pay, if you sell your house directly to us or someone else. This is usually 10% of the selling price. (Our Selling Cost = 10% x ARV)

Our Profit:  We are a business and need to make a profit to stay in business, buy more houses, pay contractors, plumbers etc. We keep this to an absolute minimum in order to present you with the highest possible offer. Our business model is designed around making multiple deals with a minimum profit per deal, and not a few deals with huge profits per deal. This benefits everyone!

This Translates Into !!

In plain English this translates to:

The market value of your house (after we fix it up), minus ALL our costs fixing it up (including our profits), will be the offer we provide to you. Now that is SIMPLE!

Here’s An Actual Case Study

Let’s take an real life example of a house we recently bought and share with you how it happened.

Let’s say this is your house in its current condition:

Sell your house NJ in any condition!

Not to bad ? OK, it could use a sprucing up but not too bad. It is just a little outdated…

Your neighbor with the exact same house as yours has a updated kitchen, new roof and bathrooms, granite countertops, and new hardwood flooring. Below is what your neighbor’s house looks like after he did the changes:

Sell your house NJ in any condition!

So, that is how he he sold it for $350,000, it is unbelievably beautiful!!

In order for us to sell your house after we purchase it for for $350,000, we need to bring your house to the same condition as your neighbor’s house or better, so that we can also sell it for $350,000!

Why Do You Need to Do That?

Because we will not be able to sell your house in the current condition for $350,000 when other houses that are currently for sale in your area look as beautiful as your neighbor’s. Would you as a buyer be interested in buying a house in lesser condition for $350,000 when a house that is a lot nicer sell for the same price? We know the answer is No!

OK, so if the house after that is completely fixed-up and updated would sell for $350,000, how much would it sell for As Is?

Sell My House In NJ For Cash Or Should I List It As Is?

If you contacted a real estate agent and they said that your house as-is in its current condition is worth $200,000. Now you have contacted the the premier house buyer in New Jersey? Are you going to take the next steps ?

We would come to your house and determine what needs to be fixed and what does not need to be fixed (to save on the cost of repairs)).

We Know from our expertise: that we need granite countertops, because the neighbor down the street sold his house for $350,000, also has granite, new appliances, hardwood floors, freshly painted, etc.

We Also Know from our expertise: an accurate Cost of Repairs (COR).  We know exactly what we will do to the house after we are done with the walk-through and we have already completed the rehab in our imagination and we know exactly what all the numbers will look like.

Sell your house NJ in any condition!

The more accurate the estimate the more accurate (and the higher) your offer ! Let’s say we determine our cost of repairs of $85,000.

We Are Ready To Make You An Offer!

The numbers are as follows:

As-Is Value = $200,000

After Repair Value (ARV) = $300,000

Cost of Repairs (COR) = $85,000

Our Selling Cost = 10% x $350,000 = $35,000 

Let’s say Our Minimum Profit For This Purchase = $45,000

Your Offer =  (ARV) – (COR) – (Our Selling Costs) – (Our Minimum Profit)

Your Offer = $350,000 – $85,000 – $35,000 – $45,000 = $160K

Your Offer = $185,000

As you can see, we offer based on the numbers. We do not make offers based on how desperate you may or may not be. We simply add the numbers up giving our best offer to you which is the highest possible offer we can make you. We want to make sure you will be happy and sign the contract and we can get our next rehab!

Reviewing The Offer

So, the house is worth $200,000 as is,  meaning if you listed it with an agent you could sell it for $200,000. After 6% realt estate agent fees and closing costs you would probably get approximately  $174,000 for it, after it will be on the market for 4 or 5 months! And no one can guarantee the house will actually sell.

So now you have to make a decision.

Sell it for a guaranteed sale for $185,000 in as little as 10-20 days, or a “maybe sell” for $174,000 hopefully within 4 to 5 months.


What If The Cost Of Repairs Was $35,000 Instead Of $75,000?

Now things get interesting! Now the offer becomes:

As-Is Value = $200,000

After Repair Value (ARV) = $350,000

Cost Of Repairs (COR) = $35,000

Our Selling Cost = 10% x $350,000 = $350,000 

Our Profit For This Purchase = $45,000

Your Offer =  (ARV) – (COR) – (Our Selling Costs) – (Our Minimum Profit)

Your Offer = $350,00 – $35,000 – $35,000 – $45,000 = $235,000

That is $35,000.00 MORE than what the house is currently worth, and almost $56,000 more than you would get if you had listed it with an real estate agent (remember that you would only get $174,000 after all listing and real estate agent fees).  Our offers are based on the numbers, not on how desperate you are to sell.

Want to know what your numbers look like? You have nothing to lose getting an offer from us. Fill in this form, it is 100% free

What Do You Have To Lose? Get Started Now...

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Why Our Offers Are Better

Everyone says this. But we will do better. We will show you why this is true, or at least we try to make this true.

The reason our offers are so fantastic is because our offers are based on the value of your house as if it were completely fixed up and updated. We determine how much your house would be worth if it was completely updated.

Joseph Zoppi, managing partner of Templar Real Estate Enterprises


Joseph Zoppi with sons

You see, here is where the cost of repairs comes in. If we can keep the cost of repairs down, we can obviously give you more cash for your NJ house, as previously explained using our equation above.

So, we try to do as much work ourselves so that we do not have to pay expensive contractors to do everything. Well, isn’t that nice of us!

Obviously, we can not always do this as we buy so many houses at a time, but we can genuinely try to keep contractor numbers as low as possible so we can get you the highest number for your house in cash here in New Jersey.

Why do we go out of our way to give you the highest possible offer?

Well, think about it! If we can give you more than our competitors can, you will sell to us. And that is what we want. The more houses the faster we can help others with our mission.

For this exact house, the seller accepted our offer. They needed to sell fast, didn’t want to deal with agents, and they wanted the least amount of hassle. The review below is genuine!

Joseph Zoppi with client of Templar Real Estate Enterprises
Bonnie Hurle, customer of Templar Real Estate Enterprises

“I would like to inform public to start w Templar Real Estate because they are “Best in Class” in this niche market. They are able to offer best price, best services, best & quick communication, but most important, they will not drop the ball throughout your process. Angie is A realtor on the Team, & you would be thrilled with her help. They treat you like family & do more than anyone else out there !!!”

Bonnie Hurle [NJ]

People Love Us

Reviews from Templar Real Estate Enterprises

Reviews from Templar Real Estate Enterprises
Reviews from Templar Real Estate Enterprises

Reviews from Templar Real Estate Enterprises

And So Will You

Here Are A Few Questions We Keep Being Asked:

How Do You Sell A House By Owner (FSBO)?

Selling your house yourself is doable. It takes a lot of work and research but it is absolutely doable.

  • First you need a solid understanding of your market.
  • Find out how much the house is worth as is. Do not just think your house is worth a lot because you like it! Sellers often think their house is a lot more worth because “it is prettier than my neighbors”.
  • Pay for a flat fee to list the property on the MLS.
  • Learn how to effectively market the property.
  • Learn how to negotiate effectively
  • Hold open houses and learn how to handle the tough questions asked during the open house.
  • Make sure you know all your laws in your area pertaining to real estate transactions!

Are There Closing Costs When Selling By Owner?

Yes, there will be costs associated if you sell your house yourself. Attorney fees, closing costs, holding costs, title insurance, escrow costs, and more of the house for as long as you own it. As you are selling it yourself however there will not be any agent fees. The other costs however still are significant.

We Are Cash Home Buyers In New Jersey

Templar Real Estate Enterprises buys houses in New Jersey. We are House Cash Buyers In NJ who will help you sell your house fast. We eliminate all the encumbrances that come with the traditional way of selling your house. We do not rely on bank approvals; we have our own cash. We buy as-is and close quickly. Since we are not agents and we have absolutely no intention to list your house, there are no agent fees or commissions. We are absolutely ready to buy your house right now and can close it immediately! It all starts by filling in our form.

We at Templar Real Estate Enterprises value honesty, integrity, and transparency. Therefore, we will hold your hand during every step of the process. We start by explaining exactly how it works, what to expect, and what timeframe we are working with. If you need to sell your house in New Jersey fast, we truly believe we are a great option! Remember, no repairs, no agent fees or commissions and we buy in any condition! Even if you are facing foreclosure, we can help stop it. Don’t sit on it, give us a call!

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