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How To Sell A Damaged House In New Jersey

If you own property that is in a state of disarray or that desperately needs repairs, don’t worry.  It is possible to sell your house without paying for multiple costly repairs.  If you need to sell a damaged house in the New Jersey area, this article will tell you how to save both money and time on your home sale.

If you are going to sell a damaged house in New Jersey, the first step is to attract the right buyers. Many buyers want to purchase a move-in-ready house. This means that they want a home they can move into immediately or want to start renting the house out for investment. Buyers can be put off by the idea of taking on a property that comes with damages; buying a new home is stressful enough, but purchasing a house that needs work is all the more difficult. You will probably have the most luck seeking out investors who aren’t phased by the idea of buying a damaged property.  At Templar Real Estate Enterprises, we have a great deal of experience in fixing up damaged properties and are more than happy to assist you if you need to sell a damaged house in New Jersey.

Your Selling Options

Make the Repairs

Your first option is quite obvious. If your house has damage, you can repair it. If you want your house to ell for a price that is competitive with other homes on the market, this is probably going to be the best solution. However, this can be a gamble. Many sellers are hesitant to invest money on fixing their home when the return is not guaranteed.

Leave It

If you rather not spend money on repairs, you can, of course, leave your house as-is.  Be warned though, even if you are offering your property at a fair price, buyers are easily put off. If a buyer sees a photo that makes your house look unappealing or sees that your home requires numerous repairs, you might run into some trouble.

Sell Directly

Selling to an investor or direct buyer is generally the quickest and most convenient way to get a damaged property off of your hands. If you decide to sell to Templar Real Estate Enterprises, we will buy as-is, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in repairs. Furthermore, we close as fast as you like on a date of your choosing so that you can sell your damaged home in the New Jersey area with ease and move on with your life!

Consider These Questions…

How Much Are You Willing To Spend On Repairs?

You might consider repairing your house yourself and putting it on the market if you have a good amount of if you have the cash upfront. This can be a time-consuming process and will not guarantee you an offer. Be carteful how much money you put into fixing a damaged property in New Jersey, you might not get it back.

Who Is Your Ideal Buyer?

Is fixing up your property to put it on the market realistic? Are you confident that you will be able to find buyers who will pay the price you ask? If yes, and if you have enough time to invest waiting, listing your New Jersey house may be the right choice for you. However, if the damage to your property is so extreme, is your ideal buyer would be an investor with the ability and willingness to repair the property? Templar Real Estate Enterprises and many other investors thrive on fixing up damaged houses and relieving owners of their broken downNew Jersey properties!

The burden of owning a damaged property can be taxing. Fixing the property can be costly and if any injuries occur you can be held liable. If you find that you are unable to make necessary repairs, it might be time to sell your damaged house. You don’t need to hire an agent. Learn more about selling your house as-is, so can be rid of your troublesome property once and for all!

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