How To Sell Your House Without A Real Estate Agent In NJ

The first (or second, or third) time you sell your house without a real estate agent, you’ll likely need a bit of help. While the benefits of selling without a real estate agent are great and definitely worthwhile, selling on your own takes a certain amount of knowledge. 

Don’t worry though, our NJ real estate experts are here to walk you through every step of the process, from research to relocation. We have three must-know tips when you sell your house in NJ without a real estate agent. 

Why Sell Your House Without An Agent? 

Before we get into these tips, though, let’s discuss why you would sell your house without a real estate agent. 

Real Estate Agents Are Costly 

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Most importantly, real estate agents can be costly. In fact, most real estate agents take anywhere from 3%-6% in the sale of your home. An additional 2% of closing costs are then paid by you. 

Doesn’t really seem fair, right? Well, that isn’t the only downside. 

It Can Take A Long Time

When you sell your house to a real estate agent, there are a handful of things that can prolong the process. For example, you and the real estate agent have to price the home, clean the house, put it on the market, find a buyer, and then wait for the buyer to accept the offer. 

This leads to the majority of NJ real estate sales that happen through an agent taking 99 days! If you are in any type of rush, this is simply not viable. 

Our 3 Tips

Evidently, deciding to sell your house without a real estate investor is the faster, more profitable way to get your house out of your hands. Here are our three tips to make that process even smoother: 

1. Pick the Right Price

Yes, your real estate investor will give you an offer, but it is ultimately up to you to negotiate for the best price. Before meeting with real estate companies in New Jersey, figure out what you will sell it for. This will streamline the process even further between you and your real estate investor. 

Some companies, such as Templar Real Estate Enterprises, will even buy your house in as little as 7 days!

2. Get the Word Out 

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If you are looking to sell your house on your own, you are going to need to market it like an expert, especially in tough real estate markets. This includes putting it up on social media, making it look pretty, and holding open houses. 

Oftentimes though, this still isn’t enough to get your house off the market. It can sometimes cost thousands of dollars of advertising before you find the right buyer for your house. 

Luckily, there is another way that requires $0 in advertising costs!

3. Sell Your House For Cash!

That’s right, you can just straight-up sell your house for cash! With certain real estate companies in New Jersey, you don’t even have to do any clean-up. From hoarder houses to trashed rentals, we’ve seen it all. 

We’re fast, we’re reliable, and we’re here to make your real estate experience as painless as possible. 

So reach out to Templar Real Estate Enterprises! We will make you an honest cash offer regardless of the condition of your property. Visit our website for your offer today or call us at 937-240-8593.

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